There are many reasons when you want to exit your business. That should be when you want to retire and spend more time for yourself, when you need to start new exciting projects, when you need to relocate or when you need finance for another project. We - Ideainvestor will make it more easier for you by providing our platform for qualified investors recommendations as your demands. Just by some simple and logical steps, you can create your profile and access our huge data. With a new partner who is investor, with their fulfill capital, your business will be more accelerated and stronger. From our sources, we will recommend your business to investors who bring new market segment to, advice good idea on management and strategy.

  • Step 5 - Due diligence and closure

    Buyer/investor conduct a due diligence for information cross check. Incase all sharing docs provided early not different after actual check, two sides will sign on transaction terms. This process can take about 6 months - 1 year or more.

  • Step 4 - Detail and docs of business providing

    You may need to provide docs showing evidence of what you mention, Buyer/investor will have a further verification and can refuse for any differences found. Buyer/Investor require face to face meeting for studying personality between both, interview and make clear your capital need. The time comsuming of this step is based on agreement of both. Due to conditions and right from both side.

  • Step 3 - Buyer/Investor Introduction

    You can send "Invitation" to Buyer/Investor, or received message from Investor/Buyer. You should send email or agreement term with signature of confidential (it takes 5 days).

  • Step 2 - Profile Kick off and Recommendation

    We will review your profile, conducted by call or email to verify information, activate your profile then, automatic function search and recommend you to qualified investors.

  • Step 1 - Register with us

    Create your profile with provided frame and fulfill questions.