We are Idea Investor

We are the pioneer enterprise where is place to connect business owners with investor for capital need from diversity industry. With breakthrough ideas, we are committing to create online market. Using this online platform, we are providing thousands of business owners have opportunities of connection with investors, brokers and advisors who is able to help business owners to sell their business or do fund raising, do franchises and do M&A deals, our network comes from huge sources across Vietnam and world can optimize these opportunities.


This Agreement is made by and between:

1) IDEAINVESTOR, an online brokerage website platform, is owned by IDEAINVESTOR CO., LTD, hereinafter referred to as "We", “Us” or “Our” as the case may be.

2) Members of IDEAINVESTOR are: Investors, Enterprises, authorized individuals of organizations other than legal entities, or brokers, hereinafter referred to as "Customers".


  1. IDEAINVESTOR is an online website platform that helps Enterprises connect with Investors in an easy, convenient and quickly manner, while assured of quality. We are a pioneering organization in connecting enterprises with investors in varied industries. With our bold ideas, we are committed to making a difference to the Vietnam’s business market through a new "platform".
  2. We optimize the approaching methods among the parties, including Investors, Enterprises, Consultants and Brokers, thus facilitating Investors and Enterprises on their cooperation without accruing too much time and costs.
  3. IDEAINVESTOR is an intermediary and we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our Customers' information. At the same time, we are responsible for the retention and utilization of Customers’ information for the right purposes as well as for the effective exploitation of such so as to bring optimal value to Customers.
  4. We are committed to accompanying and supporting Investors and Enterprises during the process of using our online Website platform and during the process of contacting, meeting and negotiating directly towards a successful transaction.
  5. This Agreement sets forth the relationship between IDEAINVESTOR and members of IDEAINVESTOR. We set out the rights and obligations of the Parties. This Agreement is the legal basis binding the Parties during the cooperation


1. Membership Eligibility Conditions
In order to join IDEAINVESTOR as a member, Customer must be:

  1. Individuals who are at least 18 years of age and have the capacity for civil acts in accordance with the Civil Code 2015.
  2. Legal entities established under the Law on Enterprise 2014 (Limited Liability Company/Joint Stock Company/Partnership...).
  3. Organizations other than legal entities (household business, sole proprietorship) that are established and have authorized representatives in accordance with the law.
  4. Each customer of IDEAINVESTOR has a unique membership and is provided a membership code. Each member of IDEAINVESTOR can be an Investor, an Enterprise, a broker or all of the above to conduct a variety of transactions on IDEAINVESTOR’s Website platform.
  5. If any member of IDEAINVESTOR intentionally create multiple identities by using different mails, phone numbers to create different identifying information, if discovered by us, customers’s membership may be terminated.
  6. If customer is a legal entity or an organization other than a legal entity, the customer shall designate an individual as their representative. We deem this person the "Representative" of the Customer. When there is a change in information of the Representative, such updated information shall be notified to us.

2. Relationship between Customers and Us

  1. Membership: After giving consent to this Agreement, Customer shall become a member of IDEAINVESTOR and enjoy the rights and benefits from IDEAINVESTOR’s Website platform.
  2. Enterprises and Investors who want to have investments or seek to raise capital contribution through our website’s application will be our Customer. In addition to this Agreement, Customer and we can enter into and implement relevant contracts (for example, consulting contracts, brokerage contracts, etc.).
  3. We always support our customers in searching, screening and selecting reputable investors and enterprises in accordance with customers' needs, whilte at the same time, facilitating the organization of direct meetings and supporting other related issues.

3. How to use applications on Website’s platform

  1. Method of interaction: The interaction among Customer, us and members of IDEAINVESTOR shall take place entirely through the Website. In some cases, the interaction can be done via mail, phone or in person.
  2. Access and Security: Each member will have a login account and password provided by us. Passwords are the way for us to identify our Customers, so Customers need to ensure the passwords are secured. Passwords cannot be provided to or shared with others to avoid any loss or damage or additional cost to Customers.
  3. Customers are responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and transparency of the information provided to us on the system, as such information shall be the basis for us to verify the purpose of our Customer’s contact. We reserve the right to remove any contact information provided or posted by our Customers that are deemed to be abusive, not serious, used for advertising purposes, or inappropriate.

4. Termination of Membership

  1. Terminated by Customer: If Customer no longer wants to be a member of IDEAINVESTOR, they can terminate membership at any time by serving us a written notification in accordance with the instructions.
  2. Terminated by us: We may terminate a Customer’s membership if they violate the above-mentioned terms.
  3. Consequences of termination: In case Customer’s membership is terminated, Customer may not continue using the applications on the Website’s platform. If Customer's Project is still active at the time of termination, it will also be terminated in accordance with the Project’s agreement.
  4. Termination of Agreement: After termination of Customer's access to the website under the above-mentioned cases, this Agreement will be terminated. Investors or Enterprises and We shall no longer be bound by its terms.

5. Annual Premium, Commission

  1. When Customer becomes a member of IDEAINVESTOR, Customer shall pay to us an annual premium as follows: VND3,000,000 (three million VND) per 01 year.
  2. Commission:
    + For projects valued at VND 20 billion or less: Commission fee shall be of 2.5% of the total successful transaction value.
    + For projects valued from VND 20 billion to VND 100 billion: Commission fee shall be 2% of the total successful transaction value.
    + For projects valued at VND 100 billion or more: Commission fee shall be 1.5% of the total successful transaction value.
  3. Incentives: From 01 July 2020 to the end of 2020, we offer free annual premium to all customers and apply a 30% discount on commissions for all transactions.
  4. Payment method:
    + Mode: In cash/ through bank transfer.
    + Annual premium: is paid after membership has been granted.
    + Commission: after any successful transaction, we will submit a Request for Payment.

6. Other Agreements

  1. Other than the information given in each Project, we may provide other additional information that we believe to be relevant or that customers may be interested in. We call such as "additional information". Additional information are for customers to refer to before making their decision.
  2. This Agreement shall be deemed valid and will be binding on the Customer and us when the Customer confirms their consent to it.
  3. We may amend this Agreement from time to time. We shall notify Customers of the amendment at least 05 working days before the amendment takes effect. Notice will be sent by mail, and in case Customer does not have any feedback or has no objection to the amendment, that means Customer has given their consent to the amendment. In case Customer gives objection to an amendment, such amendment has no binding effect on the Customer and such objection shall be deemed a notice of termination of membership served by the Customer.

7. Separate Regulations for Investors

  1. Investors are organizations and individuals that implement trading and investment activities, including domestic investors, foreign investors and foreign-invested economic organizations.
  2. Investors will have the opportunity to invest in some or all forms of investment through our website application from time to time (for example: contributing capital to establish a business, merging and acquiring businesses, trading in various fields such as fashion, cosmetics, technology, real estate, etc.).
  3. Investors may not conduct investment activities for money laundering purposes in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Law or may not perform illegal acts that may affect or cause damage to us or our customers.
  4. The enterprises that we recommend to investors for consideration are those that we have appraised, evaluated and approved to ensure safety and efficiency for investment activities. However, such fact does not mean that we advise Investors to invest in enterprises that we believe to have probability of success, and we shall not assume any responsibility to Investors if their investment into such recommended enterprises is not successful. The investment decision is made by the Investor.
  5. For projects and enterprises that we recommend for investors to consider an investment decision, Investors are required to keep confidential the information of the project and of the enterprises, not allowed to use the information in any way to compete with or hinder the successful investment of related enterprises.
  6. After the investment decision into a business is made, we shall hold a meeting for Customer to negotiate and sign a contract with the business partner or with us.

8. Regulations for Enterprises

  1. Enterprises are legal entities, business organizations and persons established under the provisions of law. We will appraise to determine whether an enterprise is deemed eligible or not for capital seeking.
  2. For Projects of enterprises that need to call for capital, we will review and appraise the Projects before the transaction. The purpose of this appraisal is to ensure that the Project of Enterprise is potential and safe for investors.
  3. Enterprises shall provide us with complete, accurate and truthful information including:
    + Business Registration Certificate.
    + Information on members and capital contribution shareholders.
    + Business lines and sectors.
    + Financial statements (revenue, profits ...).
    + Pictures of enterprises.
    + Information on the needs of selling, capital calling, etc.
    + Development orientation.
    + The more detailed information provided by the enterprise are, the higher our appraisal will be and the better chance of selling, capital raising and transaction success can be.
  4. For the purpose of keeping confidential the enterprise’s information and reducing bad competition in the market, we will not disclose enterprise’s information.

Investors and enterprises should carefully read the above terms before officially joining IDEAINVESTOR as members to ensure your own rights.